Ultimate Guide to Clubbing in Prague

Selection of the Best Dance Music Clubs in Prague

Cross Club Prague

Plynarni street 23, Prague 7 – Holesovice / web-site of Music Club Cross in Praha
Unbelievable Full Colour Experience! Prague’s independent underground music club is situated in the cellar and ground floor of old house in Holesovice – the former industrial district of Prague. There is anything similar nowhere on the planet Earth – Prague’s Cross Club is full of various moving mechanisms, flashing & fading coloured lights and every of many club’s rooms looks like a crazy technical museum or strange scene of some bizzar science fiction movie…
Types of Events: Live Acts, Dance Parties, DJs, MCs, Theatre, Cinema, Exhibitions, Benefits
Style of Music: FreeTekno, Reggae, Dance-Hall, BreakBeat, Ska, Techno, PsyTrance, Electro, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, World Music, RaggaJungle, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Gabba, Beat-Box, Rave, Acid, Tech-House

Wakata Club Prague

Malirska street 14, Prague 7 – Letna / web-site of Music Club Wakata in Praha
“Somewhere there is a louder soundsystem, somewhere else there are light effects, but in Wakata…
…you’ll be closer to the music!”

Wakata is a small DJ lounge style club located close to the center of Prague. They have a DJs everyday, playing various styles like d’n’b, jungle, downtempo, breakbeat, hip-hop, reggae, latino or ska. The club’s capacity is 50-70 persons.
Types of Events: DJs, Art Exhibitions, Vinyls for Sale…
Style of Music: Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, Reggae, DanceHall, RaggaJungle, DownTempo, DubStep, BreakBeat, Hip-Hop, Ska, Nu-Jazz, Electro, WorldBeat, Funk, Soul etc.

Matrix Club Prague

Konevova street 13, Prague 3 – Zizkov / web-site of Music Club Matrix in Praha
Matrix is fresh music club venue in Prague, near by downtown, in the Zizkov district. Matrix klub is open whole night and offers live gigs, dance music parties, DJs and other performance. Today is the only space offering indie music in Prague. Pretty good prices of drinks – eg. Pilsner Urquell draft beer 0,5 l for only CZK 22 (60 cents)!
Types of Events: Dance Party, Live Gigs, DJs, Bands
Style of Music: Hip-Hop, BreakBeat, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, Techno, Rock, Metal, Pop-Rock, Blues, Reggae, RaggaJungle, Industrial, EBM, Cross-Over, Free-Tekno, Psy-Trance

XT3 Club Prague

Rokycanova street 39, Prague 3 – Zizkov / web-site of Music Club XT3 in Praha
Dance music club founded in 1995 on the premises of a former shop and tattoo parlour not far from the centre of Prague in Karlin district. Right from its inception the club focused on DJ culture – drum’n’bass, hip-hop, house, reagae. At that time most of the now-famous DJs used to come to the club to practise their craft and lots of them made their debut in front of an audience at the club…
Types of Events: DJs, Live Concerts, Dance Party
Style of Music: Jungle, Reggae Dancehall, Electro Dub, Rock, Drum’n’Bass, Jungle, Trip-Hop, PunkRock, Metal, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Free-Style

Punto Azul Club Prague

Kroftova street 1, Prague 5 – Smichov / web-site of Music Club Punto Azul in Praha
Is it a club or is it a bar? Not even the owner is sure of the answer to that. More like the chill-out zone of a techno party than a club in its own right, Punto Azul dictates its own elusive category within the multiplicity of Prague’s nightlife. DJ’s play every night and there is a nominal entrance fee of 30 or 40 Kc at the weekend. Although there is a dance floor, the clientele mostly prefer sitting and listening to the quality of the beats and mixing than shaking a leg to it. The interior is dark, with a quasi-industrial fee but friendly, and like a true chill-out zone, the club’s atmosphere and staff are extremely relaxed. House music is the religion here.
Types of Events: DJs, Live Bands, Party
Style of Music: Jungle, RaggaJungle, Electro-Breakz, BreakBeat, DownTempo, Hip-Hop, Drum’n’Bass, Nu Jazz

Radost FX Club Prague

Belehradska street 120, Prague 2 – Vinohrady / web-site of Music Club Radost FX in Praha
Famous Prague’s music club with popular café restaurant and a small trendy gallery in the same building.
Types of Events: Dance Music Parties, Live Concerts, Leading European DJs
Style of Music: House, Techno, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Electro, Trance, Disco, 2-Step, Speed Garage, RnB, Funky

Roxy Club Prague

Dlouhá street, Prague 1 – Old Town / web-site of Music Club Roxy in Praha
Roxy is a legendary Prague’s dance music club situated right in the city centre – only few steps from Old Town Square…
Types of Events: Live Bands, Parties, Theatre, Cinema, NOD Gallery, Free Mondays
Style of Music: House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, Trance, Dance Music, Electro, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass etc.

Mecca Club Prague

U Pruhonu street, Prague 7 – Holesovice / web-site of Music Club Mecca in Praha
One of the best Prague’s music clubs. Restaurant and café inside the Mecca music club…
Types of Events: Dance Party, Exhibitions, Discotheque, Live Concerts, World’s Famous DJs, Fashion Shows
Style of Music: House, RnB, Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funky, Electro, Progressive

Karlovy Lazne Club Prague

Smetanovo Nabrezi 198, Prague 1 – Old Town / web-site of Music Club Karlovy Lazne in Praha
Karlovy Lazne (with its 5 clubs on 5 floors) is the largest dance music club in Czech Republic and probably the biggest establishment of its type in Central Europe. Karlovy Lazne is situated in located 50 meters from the Old Town end of the Charles Bridge on the Vltava River’s bank. Approx. 4 EUR (only 2 EUR till 9 PM!) entrance fee allows access to five floors of varying music: MC Music Cafe (with free internet access) – black music (hip-hop, rap & RnB); Discotheque (with futuristic design) – latest dance-floor disco hits; Kaleidoskop – 60’s–80’s immortal music hits; Paradogs – all styles of electronic dance music (house, trance, techno) presented by the best Czech and Worlds top DJs; Chill Out – calm, relaxing downtempo music. Every floor of club features at least one bar.
Types of Events: Discotheque, Dance Music Party, Live Acts
Style of Music: Disco, House Music, Electro, Trance, Techno, RnB, Rap, Hip-Hop, DownTempo, Chill-Out, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s

Duplex Club Prague

Vaclavske square, Prague 4 – Old Town / web-site of Music Club Duplex in Praha
Duplex Club is designed as a giant cube, built on the roof (6th & 7th floor), set in very heart of Prague alongside the famous Wenceslas Square. From the terrace balcony, there are unforgettable views of the magic city of Prague. 2 platforms and chill-ou zones, 5 bars and highly trained staff provide you the comfort you would expect.
Types of Events: Discotheque, Dance Party
Style of Music: Disco, House, R’n’B, Electro, Trance