Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

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Charles Bridge is a stone Gothic bridge that connects the Old Town and Lesser Town. It was actually called the Stone Bridge (‘Kamenny most’) during the first several centuries. Its construction was commissioned by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and began in 1357. In charge of the construction was architect Petr Parler whose other works include the St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle. It is said that egg yolks were mixed into the mortar to strengthen the construction of the bridge.

The oldest Prague bridge built in the place of the Judita’s Bridge that had been badly damaged by a flood in 1342. The Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge since 1870 called Charles Bridge, was founded by Charles IV in the year 1357. By the latest researches the construction was started by Master Otto and finished by Peter Parler in 1402. Both ends of the bridge are fortified by towers (Lesser Town Bridge Towers & Old Town Bridge Tower). From 1683 to 1928 thirty sculptures and sculptural groups of the saints were gradually set on the bridge piers (M. BraunF. M. Brokof, etc.) The bridge is 515 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Lesser Town

Lesser Town Bridge Towers (‘Malostranske mostecke veze’)

Charles Bridge, 118 00 Prague 1 – Lesser Town, phone: +420 242 441586
The smaller tower – the romanesque one, a relic of the Judita’s Bridge, was constructed in the 12th century.

The higher one is 200 years younger (1464) and its late gothic architecture draws upon the Parler’s Old Town Bridge Tower.

Opening hours: April – October     10 am – 6 pm

Charles Bridge, 110 00 Prague 1 – Old Town, phone: +420 224 220569
The entrance gate to the Charles Bridge from the Old Town river bank, the most beautiful gate of the Gothic Europe was a masterpiece of the Court Buildingworks, it was finished before 1380. It is richly adorned with sculptures – coats of arms of the countries belonging to the Czech Crown under the reign of Charles IV, statues of St. VitusCharles IVWenceslas IVSt. Vojtech (St. Adalbert) and Sigmund.
Opening hours: March 10 am – 6 pm, April – May, October 10 am – 7 pm, June – September 10 am – 10 pm, November – February 10 am – 5 pm