Understanding How The Political Parties In Great Britain Work


There are so many political parties in Great Britain, but only three dominated the most and these are the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, and Labour. When it comes to electoral process, Britain is a two party state, but it is considered a multi-party state because of so many political parties participating in the election process.

What is the significance of political parties and how do they function?

The politicians need to respond to the needs and wants of the society; particularly the values and beliefs of the society. These are the following:

  • To reform the electoral system and make the constitutional system more effective and order.
  • There should be improvement in the public transport system.
  • There should be a reform in the national health and education system

The interest of political parties

  • The political parties are calling for the better protection of their members and demanding more equality to both men and women.
  • The government should listen to the values and interest of the group provided there is enough political reason to do so.
  • A political party should have a leader; who is good at public speaking, charismatic, and has leadership attributes.


Cultural And Historical Museums In Prague

In a city as cultural as Prague, there are more than enough museums to satisfy any type of tourist.

• National Museum

national museum

national museum

The National Museum of Prague is one of the most important museums of the city. It exhibits natural scientific and historical collections. The museum was founded in 1818 in Prague by Kašpar Maria Šternberg.

• Lapidarium



The Lapidarium is one of the buildings of the National Museum, which holds the greatest collection of stone sculptures in the Czech Republic. The name of the museum comes from the sculptures held within, as “lapis” in Latin means stone.

• Prague Public Transport Museum

prague public transport museum

prague public transport museum

The Prague Public Transport Museum was opened in 1993 by the Prague Public Transport Company in the historical tram depot building of Prague. The collection contains 40 historical public transport vehicles, from buses to trams to trains.

• Museum Kampa

museum of decorative arts

museum of decorative arts

The Museum Kampa is located on the eastern shore of the Kampa Island found in the River Vltava, between the Lesser Town and the Old Town. The museum is a modern art gallery which features work from all of Europe. The museum opened in 2003 and house pieces from the private collection of Meda Mladek.

• Jewish Museum

jewish museum

jewish museum

The Jewish Museum was built in 1906 as a way to preserve valuable artefacts from the synagogues in Prague that had been demolished in the 20th century, during the reconstruction of the Jewish Town. After the Nazi occupation of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939, the Jewish Museum was closed to the public. The original founders fought to save the Jewish artefacts that were being confiscated by the Nazi’s, and after long negotiations with the latter, the project was approved to re-open the Central Jewish Museum. Only in 1950 was the ownership of the Museum transferred to the State, which was however controlled by the communists who restricted its preservation and exhibition.

• Museum of Decorative Arts

museum of decorative arts

museum of decorative arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague is an exhibition of textiles, fashion, applied graphic, photography, glass, ceramics, metal and much more. Its aim is to “collect and preserve for future generations, in both national and international contexts”.

Contemporary Art Galleries In Prague

Prague, the Czech Republic’s bustling capital city, is the country’s main destination for lovers of great food; fascinating history and contemporary art, here are some of them and learn about website traffic for your websites and blogs,

• Museum Montanelli

museum montanelli

museum montanelli

Located in a beautiful old building in the heart of the city, Museum Montanelli is one of the Czech Republic’s few private museums. Montanelli was opened in 2009 and since then has established a firm reputation as a premier destination for viewing contemporary art.

• Galerie Jiří Ŝvestka

In operation since 1995, Galerie Jiří Ŝvestka is one of the Czech Republic’s foremost private contemporary art galleries. The gallery is instrumental in pushing young, up-and-coming Czech artists onto the international scene and is a regular attendant at international art fairs including the VOLTA fairs in Basel and New York City.

• FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art

A private not-for-profit arts institution, the FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art is a three-floor gallery space located in Prague’s Smíchov quarter on the west bank of the Vltava River.

• DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

Located on a bend of the Vltava River in the increasingly arty neighborhood of Holešovice, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art was established in 2008 as a means of putting Prague on the map as a hub of contemporary art creation and to provide a space for alternative arts.

• Leica Gallery Prague

Leica Gallery Prague, located in the heart of Prague’s bustling New Town, was established in 2002 and focuses exclusively on the presentation of photographical exhibitions. The gallery strives to increase awareness of contemporary photographic art and is a regular participant in the Czech and Slovakian art fair Prague Photo alongside actively promoting local photography overseas.

• Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Named for its directors, the local arts mavens Olga Dvorak and Petr Sec, Dvorak Sec Contemporary comprises 800 square meters of exhibition space spread over two floors in a stylish space designed by local design firm Konsepti, and a sculpture terrace.

• Galerie 35M2

Galerie 35M2 gets it unique name from its size, which is entered through a pretty courtyard in Žižkov, is split into two small rooms measuring just 35 square meters.

• The Chemistry Gallery

The Chemistry Gallery is a young, exciting and forward-thinking art space which is dedicated to the presentation of commercially and professionally orientated artworks by young and talented artists form the Czech Republic and overseas.

How To Enjoy Your Stay In Prague


There are so many lovely things about Prague and one of which is its nicely sized city. It is not too small yet not too large to get around. Do you want to enjoy Prague in a cheap yet enjoyable way? If so, then keep on reading below.

Visit the Old Town Square

If you got nothing to do, then go and watch people in the Old Town Square. There are so many kinds of people to see in the Old Town Square including European, American, and Asian. Aside from the people, there are also other things to see such as the Astronomical Clock that chimes hourly and the Jan Hus Statue. If you are on a tight budget, then you should stay away from restaurants in this tourist spot. The foods served in the Old Town Square are much expensive than elsewhere.

Charles Bridge

Feel free to hand out on the Charles Bridge. Here, you will find so many tourists. A lot of people go here just to witness the perfect view of Prague Castle and the Vltava River. In this place, you will also be able to get artistic souvenirs for your family, friends, and loved ones back home. When your timing is right, you will be able to witness music by the street performers and a little marionette.


How To Make The Most Of Your Stay In Prague?


La Degustation BohêmeBourgeoise

If you love Bohemia foods, then you should visit this restaurant. All their Bohemian dishes are prepared with a lighter touch. If you decided to take your meal here, then you shouldn’t be in a hurry. You have to at least spend three hours of your time here. What dishes should you expect? Well, some of the must taste dishes are smoked beef tongue with chickpea puree, gelatinous tomato meringue with balsamic vinegar and honey.

U Medvidku Beer Hall and Restaurant

If you are an avid beer drinker, then you shouldn’t miss U Medvidku Beer Hall and Restaurant. This has been around for 550 years. A must taste drink is the X-Beer 33, which is characterized by its bittersweet taste. It is fermented for about six months in an oak barrel. It has a total of 11.8% alcohol content, which makes it the strongest brew in the country.

Petrin Hill

Are you looking for fresh air? Why not visit Petrin Hill; one of the greenest spaces in Prague. From there, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the landscaped gardens, the Eiffel Tower’s miniature version, the mirror maze, and the Church of St. Michael.

Prague Castle

As per the record, this is the largest ancient castle in the world. Its size is close to that of the seven football fields. It house gardens, churches, alleyways, and most of all the royal residences. Make sure to visit St. Vitus Cathedral and enjoy it stained glass windows and the wooden depiction of the crucifix.

Foods And Drinks In Prague: What To Know

Czech’s cuisine is actually a fusion of Hungarian and German dishes. If you are in the city of Prague whether for business and pleasure purpose, don’t forget to taste its dishes and the unique twists it offers.


The popular dishes

There are three famous main courses in Prague and these are knedlo (dumplings), vepro (pork), and zelo (cabbage). The pork is usually served baked and seasoned a bit. Sometimes the pork is smoked or it can even be breaded and fried. On the other hand, the dumplings are dense, pasty, and light in characteristics. However, the cabbage doesn’t seem like sauerkraut. The cabbage is boiled with a light sugar sauce. The taste and preparation varies depending on the location as well as the preference of the chef.

Other famous dishes you should try are roast beef, spicy cured meats, and roast chicken. One dish that is favourite of the locals is Cmunda; a dish consists of potato pancake topped with red cabbage that is boiled and sweet in taste. It is also served with Moravian smoked pork. The sauce od Czech is distinct from the rets because of its creamy, heavy, and characterless, but the taste can be very heavenly once you pair it with cabbage or spicy meat.

The Drinks


In Prague, it is very important to pay particular attention to what you drink. The good news is that Czech has a long rich tradition of  brewing. Their beer is truly distinct from the rest. Its beer is totally different from the American counterpart. In Czech Republic, lager is the king. When you order a lager, you have the option to order either dark or light. The light lager has a lower percentage of alcohol; which makes it the country’s most famous pint.

Restaurants In Prague: My Top 5 List


The city of Prague has a rich history, especially when it comes to cuisine. If you visit the city, you will find so many international restaurants and each will truly entice your senses. Whenever you are in Prague, make it a habit to visit any of the restaurants and you will surely coming back for more. Below are my top 5 must visit restaurants in Prague.


COTTOCRUDO (Italian Mediterranean)


If you are fond of eating Italian dishes, then Cottocrudo is the best choice. It serves Italian dishes with a bit of Mediterranean and Bohemian specialties. During hot summer days, the window doors of the restaurants will open and will let you enjoy its picturesque riverside terrace.



HE ALCRON (Seafood)

he alcron



This restaurant is situated at the Radisson BluAlcron Hotel; which is actually the best seafood restaurant in the entire city. In fact, it has received a Five Star Diamond Award in 2003 and 2006. The restaurant theme centres on the glamour of 1920s. When planning to dine in at HeAlcron, you should at least have advance reservation.



This restaurant has taken the city by storm since it started its business in 2009. If you are looking for a dining place for business and informal occasion, then La Finestra is the ideal choice.


If French dishes is what inspire your palate, then be ready to experience it in Céleste Restaurant. It is situated in the Dancing House building just along the Vltava River. It is characterized by its circular dining room and a striking view of the Little Quarter and river in Prague.

AROMI (Italin/seafood)

Aromi serves authentic Italian cuisine and has excellent reputation since it opened in 2005. For five consecutive years, it has received Michelin Bib Gourmand Award. If you visit the place, you will notice its simplicity, but the dishes really taste excellent. It is the quality of the dishes and the top notch customer service that makes people keep coming back for more.

Where Is The Ideal Place To Stay When Travelling To Prague


place_to_stay_pragueWhen planning to visit the beautiful city of Prague, many of us will surely consider stating in hotels. This is perfectly fine and there is no doubt to have a great time stating there. However, this luxury comes with a price. The price includes tax and you will be charged per night. If you are on a tight budget, then you might want to consider finding a cheaper accommodation.

Where is the best place to stay?

If you are traveling with a limited budget, then staying in a holiday apartment would help you a lot. I and my friends stay in an apartment because it enables us to save money. If you are very particular with the ambiance, then don’t worry because apartments in Prague are furbished to a 4 star standard. There are facilities that you will truly enjoy such as swimming pools, fitness facilities, and the likes. One of the places I love to stay in Prague is Vinohrady. It is quieter and cheaper; plus it is connected to the rest of the city. It is just a few minutes away from the Wenceslas Square.

My holiday rental checklist

  • Know the total price beforehand.
  • Determine the check in as well as the checkout time. (Do not be afraid to ask for a late checkout).
  • Have extras. Basically, airport transfer is not included in the booking cost. You can ask beforehand to add the airport transfer fee on your booking.
  • Take advantage of airport transfers as it will enable you to save money and get to your apartment the soonest possible time.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for security arrangements.

Your Guides To Getting Around The City Of Prague


pragueThe easiest and cheapest way to get around Prague is through public transport. There are different types of public transports to choose from such as:

  • Trams
  • Trains
  • Taxis (If you need a cab, then choose a highly reputable company; I strongly recommend AAA taxi)
  • Buses

How to get to Prague?

Ruzyne, Prague’s airport is situated just about 10 kilometres from the north-western part of the city. Getting there isn’t that difficult, but of course you need to be there earlier so as not to miss your flight. If you want to be updated about the current news, then don’t worry because there is English language weekly news in every newsstand situated downtown.

When is the best time to visit Prague?

To get the most of the city, you should schedule your visit on May to September. During this time, spring and Autumn International Music Festivals is being celebrated. The weather is very inviting by this time.

Must Have Information To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Prague

traveling to prague

traveling to praguePrague has been on top of my preferred destination. This city is the capital of Czech Republic known for its historic chapels, world class museums, trendy nightclubs, and multitude of shopping districts. If you wish to travel to Prague, then you should take into account my list of must have information.

Three basic things to keep in mind:

  • Available medical service
  • Police force
  • Transportation service

Prague information service

For those who want to access various information’s about Prague, you can find it at the Prague Information Service. Don’t be afraid or even hesitate to ask anything you need to know as the friendly staff will be more than willing to help you, especially if you want to arrange a city tour, finding hotel accommodations, dinner reservations, tourist attractions, historic sites, and so on. The staff can also assist you when you need police service or medical related services.

Safety and order

The main police station of Prague is just a few walks away from Wenceslas Square, but you should be very careful though as many travelers gave low marks for the services offered by Prague police.

Emergency numbers

In times of emergency, there are several numbers you can call and these are:

155 – Ambulance service

112 – General emergency

150 – Fire

158 – Police

There are various hospitals in Prague offering round the clock care and these are Na Homolce Hospital and Motol Hospital, but one that I like the most is the Canadian Medicine Center. It is the longest running international clinic in the city.

How to get to the city?

The fastest and easiest way to get to the city is traveling by air through Ruzyne Airport, which is just over 10 miles from the city proper. The good thing is that the airport is pretty small unlike any other oversized Western airports. Roaming around the airport is easy because of its small size. If you are already in the airport, it would be really easy to get around the city. There is an airport shuttle to get you to your preferred destination.

Roaming around the city

If you are already in the city, roaming around wouldn’t that much of a problem because public transportation is operating 24 hours a day. I prefer to hire a public transport rather than renting a car and do the driving on my own and this is because the roads in Prague are upgraded constantly. If you prefer to drive on your own, then you need to buy a special sticker. Below is the guide when buying driving stickers:

  • D sticker- lets you drive around the city for a week
  • M sticker- lets you drive for a month period
  • R sticker- lets you drive the highway the whole year through


When visiting the beautiful city of Prague, it would help a lot if you are going to equip yourself with the must have information mentioned above. It will make your trip a smooth and care-free experience. The more you know about the city, the more you will enjoy the beauty that Prague has to offer.

Why Reserving For Airport Parking Online Is Better


Before I go on a trip whether it is for pleasure or business purpose, I see to it that all pertinent things are taken care of. For most of us our car is one of the valuable assets we can ever have. Hence, I make sure to secure airport parking as it gives me peace of mind when traveling. However, there are things we should be doing to make sure that we get the most convenient space in the airport parking. Good thing the internet is there to help us out. It makes booking an airport parking space really easy.

airport-parking-1 The perks of booking online

* There are so many airport parking sites and if we take advantage of these sites, then we will be able to find cheap rates. Most of these sites are offering updates on available parking locations, the schedule of shuttles, as well as available promotions that we can take advantage into when booking.

* Airport parking companies are very generous when it comes to offering special rates to credit card/debit card holders. I usually use my credit card when making my booking and it really helps me save reasonable amount of money.

* There are so many promotional rates that are exclusively being offered online. What I did was I place by booking a few days before my trip and that really helps me save a lot of money.

As what I have noticed lately, there are now so many airport parking websites and they are doing all their best to compete with one another. This is actually an advantage on our side because from time to time we are given the chance to avail great discounts. These companies actually tie up with credit card companies and so we can expect that the rates are cheaper than booking offline. If you are interested in parking at the Prague airport of Schiphol, you can check out these websites: Airport Prague parking & Parkeren bij vliegveld Schiphol.

2014 Events That Await You In Prague


Are you planning to visit Prague? If yes, then you should know when the best time to visit this beautiful city is? The perfect time to visit Prague is May because during this time various festivals take place. Below are some of the most celebrated festivals you shouldn’t miss.

Czech Beer Festival Prague

This festival will take place on May 15, 2014 to May 31, 2014. It will be held on Letná Park and it will feature more than 100 varieties of beer manufactured by small, medium, and large breweries in the country. If you are a beer drinker, then you shouldn’t miss this event for you will truly enjoy it.


What to expect?

  • It will be a 17-day long celebration participated by the leading breweries in Czech, bakes, as well as butchers.
  • There are over 100 varieties of beers to be served.
  • The beers will be served by people wearing traditional Czech costumes.
  • There will be a live music.
  • There are a total of 10,000 available seats.
  • The admission fee is CZK 90 per person from 2PM onwards, but free admission until 2PM every weekday.

Experience The Beauty Of Prague Through The Following Must See Attractions

st.james church

Prague is known as the golden city; the capital of the Czech Republic. There are so many must see places within the city, but most of them centers on breathtaking and historic architectural structures. Below are some of them:

  • St. James Church – This church has been in the city for many decades now and is indeed a home to various stunning arts. It is where you will find the work of well-known painters like Peter Brandl, Franz Voget, and Vaclac Reiner.
  • St. George’s Convent and Basilica – It is now the home of Czech Mannerist and Baroque Art.


st.james church

Other attractions worth visiting

If you are just like me who loves lively attractions, then the best place to visit is the Wenceslas Square. It is a 750-meter long place that is a home to varieties of vendors and street musicians welcoming plenty of tourists from all across the globe. You can also visit large shopping areas and the National Museum.

Places you shouldn’t miss

When I’m in Prague, I make sure to visit Celetna; a place known as the street of bakers. It is where you can find foods for sweet tooth and is also the home to various restaurants like the Golden Stag and the Golden Vulture.

Experience The Beauty Of Prague With Mouthwatering Dishes and Elegant Accommodations


When in Prague, make sure to not miss the signature mouthwatering dishes offered by high end restaurants. There are various restaurants in the city and each offers sumptuous meals. I will share with you two of my favorite restaurants in the city of Prague.


  • Bellevue – This premier restaurant is situated in Smetanovonabrezi 18, Old Town, and Prague 1. Its structure is truly unique and is close to the river. It is known for its superb cuisines and from the restaurant you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and relaxing view of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castles.

Tips – When in Bellevue, you shouldn’t miss their roasted fillet of veal mixed with ox cheek, white root veges, and morels in a rich porcini sauce. For desserts, order a caramelized apple tarte filled with calvados ice cream and vanilla.

  • Kampa Park Restaurant – This is definitely one of the finest restaurants in Prague and is located at 8b, Lesser Town, Prague 1. It is just right beside Kampa Island River, adjacent to the Charles Bridge. This restaurant is known for its classic Czech wild game menus, fresh seafood, and meat selections.

Tips – Must try dishes include pepper steak, chicken ballotine, and strawberry cappuccino for dessert.

Where is the best place to stay in Prague?


If you are searching for 5 star hotel accommodations, then KempinskiHybernska Prague Hotel is the place to be. This hotel is known for its unmatched hospitality and excellent services. It has a modern trendy theme and each room is equipped with large flat screen TV. It comes with a complimentary breakfast, outdoor garden seating area, and an atrium lounge

Tips for budget conscious traveler

If you are on a tight budget, then consider staying in a hostel. Hostels in Prague are literally cheaply priced, yet very friendly and comfortable accommodation. It is indeed suitable for backpackers. One of the most sought after hostels in Prague is Sir Toby’s Hostel. I love it because it comes with an excellent decoration and has a cozy and inviting ambiance.